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A general guide for varicose veins

Though we may all have heard of varicose veins before, it isn’t until you experience the symptoms that you’re likely to have paid much interest to understanding them. In this short guide we’ll be explaining what varicose veins are, whether and when you should seek treatment, your treatment options, as well as recovery after treatment. […]

Understanding your veins

It’s natural as we age that we see changes happening in our body, and one of these changes that you may well have noticed concerns the size, colour, and visibility of our veins. In different areas of our bodies, our veins will be affected differently, and while some venous issues may be only cosmetic, others […]

Simple Tips to Move More throughout your Day

If you watch any type of news show, you have likely heard the encouraging words from experts: “move more.” It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Except that moving more requires time, and most of us are already expending far more than we have. After a rush to get ready for work, you may sit for […]

Lines on the Face are No Laughing Matter

We call them “laugh lines” because the nasolabial folds that form around the nose and mouth are somewhat associated with the facial expression of smiling. When these creases become permanent fixtures on the face, we rarely find them funny. On the contrary, because their presence lends to the perception of age, most of us find […]

When is the Time to Remove Varicose Veins?

If you have been living with enlarged, twisted, ropey veins just under your skin, you know the physical and emotional consequences of this problem can be frustrating. The itching, swelling, and aching that go hand in hand with varicose veins is often just as distressing as their appearance. There are two common approaches taken with […]

Bags: Why we get them

At LA Vein Center, we don’t just help patients from the Sherman Oaks area get rid of unsightly veins; we also provide the wrinkle-reducing services you have come to know and trust. If frown lines are causing you to appear unfriendly, or volume loss has led to sagging skin, talk with us about the uses […]

5 Myths about Spider Veins

Spider veins are a common complaint that we tend to hear from the women we know. These web-like clusters of visible venules, or tiny veins, can be quite the cosmetic nuisance. While they do not cause pain, they can cause you to feel embarrassed about showing your legs. LA Vein Center offers proven treatments to […]

Which Areas Are Best For SmartLipo?

You may be trying to determine what areas of the body SmartLipo would be effective for you. SmartLipo is not a weight loss tool but it is useful for many areas of the body that have focal deposits of fat. The Big Areas For SmartLipo SmartLipo is great a great solution for small and large […]

After Smart Lipo: What You Should Know About Recovery

The general perception of liposuction is that it is a complicated surgery that requires a very long recovery – but with the sophisticated newer procedures like SmartLipo, that is no longer the case. While any cosmetic procedure, whether major or minor, does require at least minimal recovery time, SmartLipo has been one of the easiest […]

Sclerotherapy + Laser Therapy: The Spider Vein Solution!

Because spider veins are so small yet so numerous, they can combine to give your legs an unfortunate looking web of color, set against your natural skin tone. Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for spider veins today because it has been found to be very effective at resolving these tiny but pesky veins. However, […]

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