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How Are Hand Veins Treated?

When your hands have prominent veins, they tend to look much older. Aging hands is one of the most common concerns for patients at L.A. Vein Center today, and there is now a minimally invasive solution that can help you recapture more youthful hands.

Why do Hands Age Dramatically?

One of the reasons that the hands tend to age dramatically is that they have quite thin skin — and that skin loses its natural elasticity as you age. When this is combined with the fact that hands tend to get a great deal of sun exposure, the end result is that the hands start to look old before their time. The thinner and looser that the skin is, the more noticeable the veins in the hands tend to be.

What About the Hand Veins — Don’t You Need Them?

Actually, those veins that bulge out near the skin’s surface aren’t needed for proper circulation. The veins responsible for the great bulk of circulation within the hands are buried deeper in the hands, where they can’t be seen. Therefore, if the veins bulging out of your hands bothers you, it’s perfectly safe to have them treated. Your hands can be smooth and youthful again with complete safety.

The Hand Vein Treatment Process

L.A. Vein Center typically uses sclerotherapy, a highly effective vein treatment, for hand veins. Dr. Lee will use an ultra-fine needle to inject a sclerosing solution directly into the prominent veins in the hand. This solution irritates the vein walls and eventually forces them to collapse. The collapsed veins will be reabsorbed by the body over time, and the blood that was inside the hand veins will move into other veins. The sclerotherapy treatment process for hand veins is usually complete in under half an hour. The number of treatment sessions needed to fully resolve hand veins varies based on the amount and size of the veins. There is no downtime associated with sclerotherapy for hand veins, but compression bandages may be recommended for a short time.

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